A smarter way to treat your dog!

Monthly subscription boxes with toys, treats & tips selected especially for your unique dog.


What makes BrighterBark smarter?

Step 1:

Tell us what makes your dog unique!


Step 2:

BrighterBark uses Pet Wizard data science to select the perfect monthly toys & treats for your unique dog!


Step 3:

See your dog excited when their monthly perfectly selected toys & treats arrive!


Step 4:

Receive pet care reminders & tips for your unique dog powered by Pet Wizard, and give us feedback to make your next month's toys & treats even better!


How is smarter better?
Other Pet Boxes BrighterBark
Delivers monthly subscription boxes with toys and treats for your dog to save you time.
Uses Pet Wizard data science to select the optimal toys and treats for your dog's unique needs. (only asks dog's size)
Includes personalized pet care tips & reminders powered by Pet Wizard data science to keep your dog healthier and happier.
Takes your feedback to improve your next month's toys and treats.
Uses minimal packaging to help the environment and save you money.
Why will your dog love BrighterBark?

toys & treats make your dog happier!


personalized care tips & reminders make your dog healthier!


time savings make more quality time with you!

More Time With You!

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